About Me

Hi, Cindy here for CBWebworks, where we review and discuss everything to do with making money online. 

I’m a work from home mom and internet entrepreneur who has been focusing on her online business for the past few years. With a background in the field of Communications, this blog reviews all the different ways you can make money online and also shares some of my own experiences, advice, and insights I’ve learned along the way.

At CBWebworks, we hash out the latest financial trends.  We review the latest digital software and tools that will help you succeed in your online ventures.  We offer a “backstage” view into some of the trending marketing and business courses out there! 

I love making money online and I’m not afraid to say it. Follow me for the best blog posts and reviews on everything from affiliate marketing to business and finances.

We’re here for you as you journey OThe Road TFinancial Freedom (OTRTFF)…

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